Adobe's New Media Player

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Adobe's been working on a desktop media player - code-named "Philo" - which is slated to be one of their first released Apollo applications. The media player will be free and is designed to bring online video content (FLV) to the desktop. How did I not know this was in the works? For consumers, the Adobe Media Player will bring video streaming and management for Internet TV and video podcasts. You'll be able to mark your favorites for automatic download, create playlists and tags for videos in your library, and rate your videos. Double-clicking Flash videos will cause them to play inside the media player.

For advertisers and content firms the Adobe Media Player brings content branding in the form of media player backgrounds and badges, banner ad delivery, usage statistics reporting, video usage protection, and syndication via media RSS - where FLV's are tagged as enclosures to RSS feeds.

The Adobe Media Player is not slated to release until sometime in 2007 after the official release of Apollo. However, you can read more about it and view a screenshot by clicking the link below.

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  2. Please don't get me started. ;-)

  3. I have been very interested in this new media player and with hte Adobe name it should be a very reliable player. Will be quite interested to see when it is actually released this year. Would like it very much if we could link sites. Have an awesome day!

  4. Cindy, check here over the next few days as I've got 7 screen shots on the Adobe Media Player to showcase. They illustrate many of the features included in the new player.