Google Analytics Apollo App Released

Posted by Aaron West at 7:27 PM in Apollo, Flex

The folks over at created a Google Analytics Apollo widget for Multi-Mania. The widget has now been made available to the general public and can be downloaded from the blog. I downloaded the widget and gave it a spin. It currently only shows page visits for the GA account you select but the display does look nice. I wish it had more reporting features as using the widget in place of Google's Web interface just wouldn't be productive. That said, it's a great example of creating a Flex application that doesn't look like a typical Flex application.

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2 Responses to Google Analytics Apollo App Released

  1. Hey Aaron, thx for the review!

    We're considering adding a few more reports (new vs return, referring sources, etc) but the feature set of this widget will remain very limited and by no means replaces the Google web interface.
    The full reporting suite that will be released later this year will have all the features of the web interface with a few additions.


  2. Here's another widget that utilizes the Google API for integrating with Analytics accounts. This one has more features than the thesedays widget and is built on the Yahoo widget engine instead of Apollo/Flex.