Google Analytics Apollo App Released

Posted by Aaron West at 7:27 PM in Apollo, Flex

The folks over at created a Google Analytics Apollo widget for Multi-Mania. The widget has now been made available to the general public and can be downloaded from the blog. I downloaded the widget and gave it a spin. It currently only shows page visits for the GA account you select but the display does look nice. I wish it had more reporting features as using the widget in place of Google's Web interface just wouldn't be productive. That said, it's a great example of creating a Flex application that doesn't look like a typical Flex application.


Scorpio's Planned Adoption

Posted by Aaron West at 11:47 AM in ColdFusion

I've just finished packaging (to send to Adobe) the Scorpio surveys from Ben's presentation in Nashville and thought I'd share some information regarding the planned adoption of Scorpio. There were over 50 attendees at our event but only 48 folks submitted the survey. Of the 48 only 18 answered the question of when they (or their organization) planned to purchase Scorpio. These 18 individuals represent 15 unique companies in the Nashville or surrounding area.

In order to more easily display and group the answers I've made some assumptions from the responses. If someone answered 6-12 months I'm assuming they'll purchase Scorpio in 6. Likewise, if someone answered 3-6 months I'm assuming they'll adopt in 3. Finally, two individuals indicated they were simply a "current user." I don't know if this means they are using ColdFusion 7 currently or they are in the Scorpio beta - so I'm listing their answers as "current user."

(2) Current user
(7) Immediate; as soon as Scorpio is released
(2) 3 months
(3) 6 months
(3) 1 year
(1) 2 years

Throwing out the ambiguity of the 2 current users, 75% of the respondents plan to adopt Scorpio within the next 6 months. Considering the product has not been released (it's planned for "mid 2007" quoting Ben Forta) that's a pretty awesome statistic. Eat your heart out Computer World.