The Most Advanced Squid On The Planet

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Last week I was installing new VoIP equipment in my home office when I became extremely frustrated with the massive size of modern power adapters. I was out of available slots on my powerstrips and still had several things to plug in. Sitting there in utter frustration I recalled a Macworld article that addressed the very dilemma I was experiencing. I got up, quickly found the article, and decided it was time for action. Within minutes I had purchased a few PowerSquid's.

The PowerSquid is not unlike normal powerstrips in that it protects precious electronics from power surges. Where it differs is in its design. Dangling from the body of the squid are 6 power tentacles (depending on the model) that move freely and accommodate up to 6 gargantuan power adapters. You can plug your phone lines and coax connections into the PowerSquid as well. Plus, it just looks darn cool! While certainly not cheap, my sanity - and available power slots - have returned and that was worth the price of admission.

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