I'm terribly embarrassed I didn't know this (until yesterday) but you can run blog-specific searches on Google using or selecting the Blog option from the "more" context menu on Google's homepage. Like everything else at Google, Blogsearch is in beta. However, I found it to be really useful when targeting a post I had read several months ago but never bookmarked. Thanks Google.

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  1. I didn't know about that either so it's a very timely and useful blog post - thank you!

    The search seems to work pretty well too...

  2. Hey Aaron, here's another tip in that regard. That tool will search all sites that Google has deemed to be blogs, which is nice, but it may also find sites unrelated to a topic of interest, such as ColdFusion. For that, you'll be perhaps as delighted to hear that there's a feature in Google called "custom search engines", or CSEs, and there have been several setup that search just CF-related sites (including blogs). I have one at

    I then found out there were several others, so I wrote a blog entry about them, at Hope that's helpful.

  3. Charlie, thanks for the links, I've been following a few of the custom search engines for the last month. I think I first heard of them on Matt and Peter's podcast. Good stuff.