Two developers on my team have recently taken (and passed) the ColdFusion MX 7 certification exam. Discussing the exam with them afterwords, both wished they could review their missed questions before leaving the exam. Sadly, Macromedia, nor Adobe have ever set this up. I've tried to figure out why over the past couple of years and have never been given a definitive answer. It would certainly help the developer know what they need to work on in the future.

Worse than Adobe not having a "missed questions review" are developers who don't leave comments during the last portion of the exam. If there are things during the exam you think are "iffy" - like questions that are overly ambiguous - you should leave comments indicating as much. How is Adobe supposed to make the exam better if you don't indicate what you liked and disliked? And if you think they should allow you to review your missed questions, then let them know. I guess this is akin to Tom Cruise's line in Jerry Maguire: "Help me, help you - help me, help you."

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  1. i do agree with both points.

    my guess as to why they don't give a "these are the questions you missed" is that, if you leave with a strong sense of which questions you answered correctly (and which ones you did not answer correctly), it'd be that much easier for you run home and do a "brain dump" of the questions (and answers).

    by keeping it ambiguous, you're less likely to share priveleged information with others.

    showing you what you missed would help you learn which areas you need to study...but that's not really the purpose of the cert exam. it's not to help you get better...it's to allow you to show what you currently know.

    the feedback tho... that one i'm at a loss to explain. you'd think adobe would want the input. maybe they just figure they'd get the same input over and over. "less questions on <cflogin>. i don't use it." "less questions on <cfchart>. i don't use it." "less questions on <_____>. i don't use it." :)

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