Things Just Got a Little Bigger

Posted by Aaron West at 11:14 PM in Site News

I don't know if it's my eyesight, my age, or a combination of the two but I'm not seeing as good as I used to. I visit Web sites every day where I have to squint to read the text. This evening, reading a comment on my own blog, I noticed I was squinting. So, I've increased the font sizes around here and I'm already liking it better.

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  1. Yeah, for general surfing, I don't really care what the text size is. However, when I sit down to read someone's blog, I almost always use FireFox CTRL+[+] to increase the font size to something where I can just sit back and enjoy.

  2. Off course it might be a bigger issue of getting you eyes tested?? :o) This is coming from a life time glasses wearer by the way. Every couple of years I get tested I need new prescription lenses. Whether its a scam to make money or the fact i'm in front of a screen for over 75% of my waking day who knows :o)

  3. I hear ya Andy. I've been avoiding doing just that for two years. I know I have bad eyes and my prescription is getting a bit old. Nevertheless, a quick bump up in font size certainly makes things better - even if it's temporary. =)

  4. And saves money!

  5. THANK YOU :)

    Small text is a big pet peeve of mine.