Rolex Releases New Web Site

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I have a huge affinity for timepieces (watches to the layman). Several years ago I started looking at buying a Rolex so I visited their Web site. After tremendous amounts of research and buying a Rolex Sea-Dweller I haven't visited the site much. The previous site worked well enough but it always seemed cumbersome and slow on my Powerbook G4 in Safari and Firefox. The screen transitions would take quite a while and sometimes not even work. Several times I would have to refresh the entire site and advance through menu options again. After hearing about the redesign I paid the site a visit. It's always contained some stunning photography but the new site is definitely an improvement. The site is designed to detect whether your browser supports JavaScript, Flash, and CSS and whether you have them turned on or off. I disabled JavaScript using the Web Developers plugin for Firefox and received a non-Flash experience. However, the site developers were successful in offering an alternative browsing experience without degrading quality. The images are still stunning and the site - for the most part - looks exactly the same.

For such an amazing and timeless product, the Rolex site delivers and equally amazing Web site. My only complaint is the Sea-Dweller not being part of the Extraordinary Watches section. The Sea-Dweller includes all the technical marvels of the Oyster Perpetual movement with the additional ability to be submerged to 1,220 meters (4,000 feet). Also included are the Oyster fliplock bracelet (allowing the piece to be worn over a wet suit) and the helium gas escape valve (necessary for those spending time in a helium-enriched underwater habitat). These technial feats, which are unmatched by any other timepiece, should justify its placement in the Extraordinary Watches category.

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  1. Both my wife and I have Tag Heuers. Their site is very flashy (figuratively and literally), and can be a pain to navigate at times, but their product is stellar.

  2. Yup, they do have a nice product. I have a Tag Heuer Professional 2000. As I said, I'm in to timepieces. =)

    When you were in Nashville I did notice your Tag - I just forgot to say something.

  3. Mike

    It's pretty but....well I thought great, I can find a place to get mine fixed. But alas, you can't find service sites under "service".......you just loop back to the service main page. Looks like they still have some work to do.

    Okay yes it is late on Friday and i am getting cranky and hungry.
    (Before you ask, nope I didn't buy it, I got it old fashioned way, inherited it! It's about 100 years old now so going back to the purchase site isn't an option)

  4. Hey Mike, you have a few options. First, you can take your Rolex to an authorized Rolex dealer (a jeweler) and they can handle sending your Rolex in for service. Or, you can call Rolex directly and they will ship you everything you need to send your Rolex in. You get an amazing amount of stuff when you get it serviced, including removal of any scratches or blemishes, servicing of the oyster perpetual movement, and a nice pretty package sent back to you. My Sea-Dweller is only a year old so I haven't had it serviced, but I've read many accounts of all of the above.

  5. Mike

    Thanks, I should just take it to a jeweler, and at least get it appraised. I wish I could figure out how old it is. It just says 14K on the back. Anyway, thanks for the tip!

  6. If you take it to a jeweler and get in touch with Rolex, they can tell you exactly how old it is. Interestingly enough, I saw a 1977 Sea-Dweller on eBay a year ago and it's selling price was slightly more than a brand new Sea-Dweller. Rolex's hold there value well. Do you have pictures of yours? And what model is it?

  7. RayK

    Tried the Rolex's and they don't keep time worth a damn, was told by the dealer that they are really jewelry not a timepiece. Now own Breitling's a far better timepiece check out the site

  8. Breitling's are very well know and very nice indeed. More of an aviators timepiece than anything else - hence there styling. However, anyone who says Rolex's are not stellar timepieces are simply crazy. Not liking the look of them is one thing, but saying they don't keep excellent time or they are not rugged is ridiculous. I would recommend folks read the history of Rolex and timepieces like the Submariner and Sea-Dweller. These were meant for amazingly harsh conditions and have been tested in these environments for over 50 years.

  9. Bill Harding

    It's true, folks. Rolexes don't keep time that well. My Submariner was regulated recently. The computer printout gave a reading saying it was spot on. It gains 6-7 secs a day. I'll say one thing for it, though. It's tough and beautiful.

  10. For Bill Harding, or anyone else interested in the accuracy of timepieces and what it means, I recommend checking out the below Web page. It will shed light on what it means to be a chronometer, a certified chronometer, a superlative chronometer (Rolex), and more. I promise you'll learn something.


  11. Rolex is stellar timepiece because its innovations are the first waterproof watch case. the first wristwatch with a date on the dial; the first watch to show two timezones at once etc etc.