I recorded a short video that demonstrates two new features in Leopard's Dock: Stacks and spring-loaded folders. I also show a little known setting that adds a nice visual feature to Stacks.

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The following code is shown in the video and placed here so you can copy it and paste it into Terminal.

defaults write mouse-over-hilte-stack -boolean yes
killall Dock

The Stacks tip shown in the video is not my own. Credit goes to this page.

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3 Responses to Video Demo: Stacks and Spring-Loaded Folders in Leopard's Dock

  1. Dude...WELL Done. YOu really knocked this video demo out of the park. This going to be a recurring thing for you? If so, I might have to add you to my RSS feed. How'd you get the video?

  2. +1 Aaron, nice job -- you've upped the pressure on me to join the Mac bandwagon ;-)

  3. Andy, I thought I was in your RSS feed already! What gives? ;-) The video was recorded using Ambrosia Software's Snapz Pro X. I've written about them before as they also make the very nice iToner ringtone application for the iPhone. You can check them out here (

    Snapz Pro X produced a QuickTime movie that I pushed through Adobe's Flash CS3 Video Encoder in order to get an FLV. To get the FLV embedded on a Web page you just import it into a new Flash movie and wrap a video skin around it.

    Bernie, you work hard, you owe yourself a treat in the form of a nice new Mac laptop. I saw comments from you on Matt's blog debating getting the MacBook or MacBook Pro. Either choice, you win. =)