Sure there are plenty of social networking sites already, from MySpace(ick!), Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but none of these have a core focus on the ColdFusion developer. Enter At over 600 registered users, this site provides a great place to meet and hang out with other ColdFusion developers in the Internet community. The site includes member profile pages, community news, photos, videos, mailing lists, forums, and groups. Some of the groups I've joined include CF developers interested in golf, the outdoors, speaking engagements, Mac development, and consulting/contracting.

Included on the sites home page (as of today) are folks asking about configuring the multi-server install of ColdFusion with Flex, as well as touting how many ColdFusion jobs are available right now. You can also watch a video of Critter getting his tongue split!!

If you're interested in getting more involved in the CF community I encourage you to join the site. If you do sign up, feel free to send me a friend invitation.

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2 Responses to Reasons You Should Check Out CF Community

  1. Todd Rafferty

    Might want to double check that link again... it's pointing to a spam site. Isn't it .org or something?

  2. You're right Todd. I'm not sure how I let that slip by me. Thanks for the nudge, the link has been corrected.