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Since getting back into golf, I've been listening to some great golf podcasts that I wanted to tell others about. The first one, Golf Better at Edwin Watts golf is an excellent podcast for the golf technology enthusiast. Fred Greene and company distill golf technology into bite size bits of informative commentary. The second podcast, Golf Smarter, also hosted by Fred Greene is all about making the game of golf more fun by increasing your knowledge about the game. Whether discussing course design, etiquette tips, or shot strategy, there's something for everyone to learn. You can subscribe and/or download these podcasts by clicking the appropriate links below.

Golf Better at Edwin Watts (Web site)
Golf Better at Edwin Watts podcast (iTunes)

Golf Smarter (Web site)
Golf Smarter podcast (iTunes)

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  1. Thanks for sharing, I might just use those links for some other thing I am working on it now, related to golf anyway.