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Posted by Aaron West at 9:02 PM in Site News, Blogging

I've waited as long as I could before turning on comment moderation here, but due to the amount of spam comments that have ramped up over the last few months it's now in place. My Inbox gets flooded with each spam comment notification and I'd hate to think other folks who subscribe to this blog or specific entries are receiving the same crap. So, until I get my site/blog moved to the VPS each and every comment will have to be approved before it shows up in an entry.

This shouldn't present a problem for valid commenters as I will typically approve comments within minutes or a few hours at most. My iPhone and access to my blog will certainly help me stay on top of it.

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4 Responses to Comments Are Now Moderated

  1. That's too bad.
    What about timing how long it takes to type in a comment?
    If it takes longer than a few seconds, it's probably a human.
    There are other ways non intrusive capchas.

  2. Dude...this comment better get approved before I get into work tomorrow!

  3. Hey.. you can't leave a comment, Aaron ate you on the Oregon Trail!

  4. Sorry Andy, I had no choice. I was out of food and still had a couple hundred miles to travel. You were the biggest person in the wagon train and everyone else thanks you for your sacrifice. ;-)

    Incidentally, after playing through Oregon Trail twice (on Facebook) I got pretty bored. The coolness wore off quick.