Sure there are plenty of social networking sites already, from MySpace(ick!), Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but none of these have a core focus on the ColdFusion developer. Enter At over 600 registered users, this site provides a great place to meet and hang out with other ColdFusion developers in the Internet community. The site includes member profile pages, community news, photos, videos, mailing lists, forums, and groups. Some of the groups I've joined include CF developers interested in golf, the outdoors, speaking engagements, Mac development, and consulting/contracting.

Included on the sites home page (as of today) are folks asking about configuring the multi-server install of ColdFusion with Flex, as well as touting how many ColdFusion jobs are available right now. You can also watch a video of Critter getting his tongue split!!

If you're interested in getting more involved in the CF community I encourage you to join the site. If you do sign up, feel free to send me a friend invitation.


Great Golf Podcasts

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Since getting back into golf, I've been listening to some great golf podcasts that I wanted to tell others about. The first one, Golf Better at Edwin Watts golf is an excellent podcast for the golf technology enthusiast. Fred Greene and company distill golf technology into bite size bits of informative commentary. The second podcast, Golf Smarter, also hosted by Fred Greene is all about making the game of golf more fun by increasing your knowledge about the game. Whether discussing course design, etiquette tips, or shot strategy, there's something for everyone to learn. You can subscribe and/or download these podcasts by clicking the appropriate links below.

Golf Better at Edwin Watts (Web site)
Golf Better at Edwin Watts podcast (iTunes)

Golf Smarter (Web site)
Golf Smarter podcast (iTunes)


What's In My Bag?

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Go bag, man sack, man purse, whatever you want to call it, I first got the idea to post what I carry around day-to-day from the Lifehacker site. That was several months ago, and now that I've received my new Flash on the Beach TimBuk2 bag (thanks Ted!), I decided to reveal the contents of my bag.

1. TimBuk2 "Flash on the Beach" speaker bag. I won this bag in a charity eBay auction by Ted Patrick (Adobe Flex Evangelist)
2. Halls cough drops (it's winter you know)
3. Giorgio Armani glasses case
4. Flask Andy Matthews gave me
5. 5th Generation iPod (Black iPod Video)
6. Truck keys (for my 2005 Nissan Titan)
7. MacBook Pro Front Row remote
8. Hacked Mont Blanc pen (see this for details)
9. SanDisk Cruzer Micro 2 GB USB drive
10. Head phone adapter for the Treo 700p
11. Treo 700p USB cable
12. Treo 700p Smartphone
13. Generic iPod headphones (backup pair)
14. Tommy Hilfiger business card wallet
15. Double headphone jack for 2 person listening
16. Extra Treo stylus (w/ built-in pen)
17. Logitech VX Revolution wireless mouse (best mouse ever)
18. Apple iPhone (best phone ever)
19. iPhone USB cable
20. VGA to DVI adapter for presenting from MacBook Pro's
21. Wi-Fi Spy wireless network detector
22. AT&T USB AIR card
23. Jawbone Bluetooth headset (best headset ever)
24. iPhone-specific headphones with pause and track advance button
25. Latest issue of Wired magazine
26. MacBook Pro with 2.6 GHz proc, 4 GB RAM (work computer)
27. MacBook Pro with 2.6 GHz proc, 4 GB RAM (personal computer)

Not pictured:
I typically carry a power adapter for my laptop, but with 2 laptops now I keep power adapters at work and at home.


Comments Are Now Moderated

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I've waited as long as I could before turning on comment moderation here, but due to the amount of spam comments that have ramped up over the last few months it's now in place. My Inbox gets flooded with each spam comment notification and I'd hate to think other folks who subscribe to this blog or specific entries are receiving the same crap. So, until I get my site/blog moved to the VPS each and every comment will have to be approved before it shows up in an entry.

This shouldn't present a problem for valid commenters as I will typically approve comments within minutes or a few hours at most. My iPhone and access to my blog will certainly help me stay on top of it.


Ben Forta is once again heading to Nashville, only this time he'll be discussing Adobe Flex and AIR. This event is sponsored by several Nashville companies and is being hosted by the Nashville Flex User Group (615Flex). Registration for this January 2008 event has been opened to the public and is FREE! Interested participants should register fast as seating may be limited.

Event Info and Registration:


After Saturday's trip to the golfing simulator at Dick's Sporting Goods I decided to try the Nike Sumo irons as soon as possible. For this experience, I ventured over to Edwin Watts Golf, a national retailer that's been around since 1968. Before leaving the house I called Edwin Watts to make sure they had the Sumo irons in graphite; Jeff was quick to point out they could accommodate me. He was also extremely helpful in trying to work out the best possible route to the store given some traffic snafu's that had occurred recently. I'm a huge proponent of excellent customer service, and Jeff started things off right before I took the first step into the store.

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Getting Back Into the Game of Golf

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I spent a considerable amount of time yesterday at Dick's Sporting Goods, trying out all sorts of new iron sets. Getting back into golf, I'm in the market for a new set of clubs. The clubs I have right now are about 13 years old as I used them back when I was in high school. I've grown a bit over the years and the clubs don't fit anymore. Not to mention I paid about a 100 bucks for them at Wal-Mart.

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Tomorrow (Dec. 10) John Mason will be presenting on fundamentals of Adobe AIR to the Nashville 615Flex user group. John will be covering topics such as the File system API, the SQLite engine, clipboard drag and drop, offline/online functionality and the AIR security model. If you're in Nashville, the presentation will be at Dealerskins, where I work. If you're outside of Nashville you can attend via Adobe Acrobat Connect. Matthew Wallace, the user group manager, hasn't shared the Connect URL yet, but when I get it I will post it here. Full meeting details are here.

The Acrobat Connect URL for this meeting is:


I recorded a short video that demonstrates two new features in Leopard's Dock: Stacks and spring-loaded folders. I also show a little known setting that adds a nice visual feature to Stacks.

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The following code is shown in the video and placed here so you can copy it and paste it into Terminal.

defaults write mouse-over-hilte-stack -boolean yes
killall Dock

The Stacks tip shown in the video is not my own. Credit goes to this page.


Adobe announces the latest version of Flash Media Server today.

Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced the Adobe Flash Media Server 3 family of products, which offers streaming media and real-time communication capabilities to the broadest possible audience. With industry standard H.264 video capabilities and High Efficiency AAC (HE-AAC) audio support, Adobe Flash Media Server 3 provides content owners with increased protection for streaming high quality video and allows for the delivery of interactive media applications that work consistently across multiple browsers and operating systems. Adobe Flash Media Server 3 provides a more efficient instant-on video experience virtually anytime, anywhere - to the Web, the desktop with Adobe Media Player and to mobile devices with Adobe Flash Lite 3. With new pricing options, customers have a wide array of choices for the broadcasting of high quality streaming media experiences.

The full press release is here. For specific product related information, visit the Flash Media Server product page.


Search Engine Safe URL's (often abbreviated SES) are attractive to Web developers and business owners because they "pretty up" the browser address bar, help search engines crawl through site content, and generally make it easier to share URL's to content deep within a Web site. The advantages to using SES URL's are covered exhaustively throughout the Web if you want more reasons why you should use them. For information on how to set up and configure Apache's mod_rewrite including the creation of SES URL's for a Mach-ii site, read on...

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