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I was reading through Mike Chambers Apollo Overview / Getting Starting slides and noticed he mentioned Apollo would be making its way to labs in early 2007. No further information is given but one can hypothesize "early 2007" could mean really soon. If you want to be notified when Apollo is available in beta form check out this link (http://labs.adobe.com/wiki/index.php/Apollo).

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  1. Shan

    Pure speculation, but I'd think that 360Flex (where they're going to demo some Flex 3 features) would be a great place to also announce the availability of the public demo :)

  2. With Apollo set to be out soon there is a big choice to make as a developer and owner of Studio 8.

    Stay bleeding edge or wait...

    It is in Adobe's best interests to provide a marketing and sales plan which includes the product matrix and how the bundles will work into the future and make that plan available to customers...I don't see why they can't provide this info along side the release information...upfront and clearly defined. Shouldn't that be the primary deliverable of the sales/marketing/developer discussions?

    Preparing the customer so that they could know as much about a new situation as possible. The development group at Adobe does this but not the sales and marketing teams, I guess I am frustrated with companies taking the stance that new programs are a massive benefit to me the developer so I should be elated to purchase and dive right in.

    New programs are massively disruptive and require a tremendous amount of effort on our parts for perceived gains in performance, functionality, and value.

  3. postponed

    Apollo was first announced "before the end of 2006" and everyone though it would be during MAX...
    Then during MAX it was postponed to "early 2007"...
    Lately, it was announced "before Q2 2007", which could be not as soon as you think...
    What will be next ?