I'm not sure how long it's been out but I just discovered Google Maps runs on Palm OS based Treo's. The free app is available as a downloadable PRC file or, for convenience you can download and install it straight from your Treo (link below). Google Maps for Treo includes all the popular features of the original Google Maps including Satellite and Map View, business lookup, driving directions, and traffic information. You can use your stylus to navigate maps by dragging across the screen, zooming in and out, and clicking on items of interest like a local pizza joint. Find the business you were looking for? Just click its icon to pull up address and phone number information. With one click of a button Google Maps will connect you to the business. I'm really surprised the mobile app feels just like the non-mobile original. It's just as zippy and just as easy to find what you need.

The downside - if there has to be one - is the amount of data you will consume. In just a few minutes of browsing the Nashville area I had received over a MB of data. This won't be a problem for the professional paying for unlimited data use, but if you're on a limited plan you will want to pay attention to how much data you transfer. Fortunately, Google Maps keeps this information in front of you at all times data is being downloaded.

Google Maps for Treo

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