I've posted Andy Powell's presentation recording URL on the Nashville CFUG site. It's also listed below. Andy did a great job covering lots of information on Spry 1.4 (the pre-release version available on labs.adobe.com) and how Spry can integrate with ColdFusion in various ways. Below are some of the highlights. If you are interested in Spry you should check out this 93 minute presentation.

  • Overview of AJAX
  • Spry and How it Works
  • How Spry and Flex Get Along
  • When to Use Spry and When to Use Flex
  • ColdFusion as an XML Generator for Spry Data
  • ColdFusion as an Application Proxy for Spry

Acrobat Connect Recording URL: http://mmusergroup.adobe.acrobat.com/p13001596/
Live Spry Samples from the presentation
Live Spry Gallery

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1 Responses to Recorded Presentation: Andrew Powell on Spry and ColdFusion

  1. Thanks Aaron!
    I watched it tonight.
    Andrew made the point of how easy it is, but THANK GOD I decided to start learning CSS a few weeks ago.
    It would have all been voodoo magic had I not known CSS.