The more and more I have an opportunity to work with Flex 2 the more excited I get. It's relatively easy to build complex, rich applications in a fraction of the time it would take to build something inferior in say HTML. I could go on and on about my love for Flex 2 but I wanted to post a quick recommendation for Ray Camden's Creating a Flex 2 Interface for the BlogCFC Application on Devnet. Ray's article is relatively short but right to the point in demonstrating core Flex 2 development with MXML and ActionScript 3. He also demonstrates how to hook up Flex 2 to a ColdFusion MX 7.0.2 backend with Flash Remoting. You'll see Flash Remoting result events handled with Flex 2 ArrayCollections - a best practice in Flex 2 given the automatic translation of server-side datatypes to ActionScript 3 datatypes, better data-binding, data collection sorting, and more. After reading through Ray's article I recommend folks check out the Flex 2 front-end to Ray's blog. While viewing the Flex 2 app you can right-click and select "View Source" to view the MXML code. From the view source screen you can download an entire zip file of the Flex 2 front-end which includes all the MXML for each of the pod components and the ActionScript 3.

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Creating a Flex 2 Interface for the BlogCFC Application

Flex 2 / BlogCFC Front-End

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