Music From the CBS Show Smith

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Tonight, the new CBS show Smith aired. The new suspense/adventure/thriller starring Ray Liotta, Virginia Madsen, Amy Smart and others, was heavily advertised over the summer as one of the networks blockbuster features. I just got through watching it and it was decent. What was more than decent was the nearly full length musical number towards the end. I have a feeling lots of people will be looking for this interesting electronic track which is called "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap. In addition to finding its way on "Smith" the track can also be heard on Zach Braff's The Last Kiss soundtrack.

Click here to check the song out on iTunes.

If you weren't able to catch the pilot episode you can view it on Google Video here.

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  1. paul

    thanks man, exactly what I needed to know
    I really liked how they ended that episode and really wanted to find out what the song was

  2. Frank

    Wow, thank you.

    I immediately wrote to CBS (broadcast on the 20th in the U.S.; repeat Sat., 23 September, at 9pm), to congratulate them on making the decision to put "Smith" on the air; inquired for soundtrack info;
    they replied the next day: "thanks, but sorry, we don't know what anything about the soundtrack, and the producer in L.A. has no forwarding address - but you can write to Warner Bros. Studios ...".

    That tune was mesmerizing.


  3. Weston Ochse

    Hey thanks! Great tracks. As soon as I heard it, I knew I'd need a copy. Not since Nip Tuck have I heard such cool tunes. Much appreciate the blog, man. :)

  4. Ben

    Very cool. I was trying to figure out that song too!

  5. Glad you guys were able to track down my blog and find reference to the song. I often try to find songs on TV and in movies and it is sometimes a very frustrating thing. It took about an hour to track down the Imogen Heap song.

  6. mpp

    Thank you sooo much! I actually love the whole album now!

  7. Allen

    There was a song in tonight's episode, when Simon Baker is racing on the cycle. It sounded like the Libertines. Or it could be Dirty Pretty Things. Anyone know?

  8. Niklas

    It was Dirty Pretty Things - Deadwood. Anyone know which CD Jeff played in the stolen car?

  9. Brooke

    does anyone know who the last song of tonights episode was by? sounded like Gorillaz but i think i'm way off. it was the last song of episode 2! let me know

  10. Anna

    The song shocked me...because it was already used, in its entirety, on a little show called "The O.C." Last season. Same situation.

    Real original.

  11. Anna

    The song shocked me...because it was already used, in its entirety, on a little show called "The O.C." Last season. Same situation.

    Real original.

  12. brooke

    okay well i did not ask for an opinion of what the song was...i asked if anyone knew who it was by. still want to know!

  13. Sarah

    The song at the End of Episode 2 is "Black Swan" by Thom Yorke (lead singer for Radiohead).

  14. Tracy

    Thanks everyone. I loved every tune on the show and am happy to see someone trying to write/figure out what they are.

  15. Tracy

    Thanks everyone. I loved every tune on the show and am happy to see someone trying to write/figure out what they are.

  16. Chris

    Hey guys,

    I'm looking for two songs from episode 1. The first song played during the dialogue between Joe and Macy at the shop. And the second song, played during the dialogue between Bobby and Charlie at the wedding. Hope you guys can help me out. Thanks!

  17. Gerald


    Thanks man. I've heard that song before, but I could never figure out the title or the artist. You rock.


  18. smithfan

    If you are upset that CBS cancelled Smith, consider filing a complaint.

    With enough viewer complaints, CBS may reconsider its cancelling of the marvelous fast-paced Smith with its excellent cast including Ray Liotta, Virginia Madsen, Simon Baker and Amy Smart and the show's superb writing.

    Blame it on CBS's bad marketing, its only giving the show three episodes of airtime, and CBS's lack of promoting online viewing of earlier episodes of Smith for those who needed to catch up.

    CBS could have given a better re-cap at the beginning of episodes for new viewers just tuning in. It could have re-run the episodes during off-hours, much like Bravo does, to allow viewers to catch up.

    To complain, call CBS viewer relations at any time day or night to leave a message, or, to reach a live person, call during the hours of 10 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. EST - telephone CBS viewer relations at 212-975-3247.

    You may also email (short for audience services).

    You may also go to CBS's feedback form online to submit your complaint at Smith is still listed in the shows on that feedback form.

    You may also sign this online petition to CBS to bring back Smith.

  19. Interesting, I didn't even know they had cancelled it until you posted your comment. You sure seem to know a lot about how to provide feedback to CBS. ;-)

  20. E

    Thank man I was looking for that song at the end of episode one, they also played it on CSI NY I believe last week Monday.This is the song they played when Sean died right? No speakers at work!!

  21. Carol

    Yeah, I want to know the music from the end of the first episode...

  22. Jocelyn

    YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER!!!!! I have been trying to get this song FOREVER!!! Ever since it was on the seasons finally of The O.C.!!

  23. kiara

    i really wanna know which CD Jeff played in the stolen car as well, anyone knows?

  24. tom


    he threw out Nickelback and put in 'Out of Control' by Rancid from their Indestructible album. Good choice.

  25. kiara

    thanks a lot Tom, ur an absolute star!!!

  26. kiara

    thanks a lot Tom, ur an absolute star!!!

  27. Richard

    Hey Aaron
    It only took me 10min to find this song, thanks to you. Are you up for
    a challange. Remember the movie "eye for an eye" starring Sally field and Kiefer Sutherland, well there is an awesome song in it which i have never been able to find.
    You sound like just the right kind of person to track it done if you don't allready know it. The song plays as a music video on the TV in Kiefer's flat and he drums on his
    lap to the beat while sitting in his window. I would really appreciate your help if you can.


  28. Hey Richard. I've not seen "Eye for an Eye" so I'm not familiar with the scene you are referring to. I tried to find a trailer for the movie on several sites in hopes that part of the trailer would include the scene you mention. Unfortunately I couldn't find one clip or trailer. However, here's a link to some tracks off the movie soundtrack. Since the song you like was only on a TV in a scene it might not be included in this list but it's worth a shot.

    I'd have to rent the movie and view the scene in order to do more research.

  29. Paul Boland

    The first episode has just aired here in the UK and it was good
    until that awful Imogen Heap track on. I had to turn the sound
    off. That synth vecorder voice just grated on me and should
    not even be classed as music.

  30. Happy Man..

    .... Greaaaate.... thanx man.

  31. Ano

    Hi, I'm looking for the song played in the wedding, the pilot, when Jeff dances with one of the bride's maids.

    And I'm trying to find a complete list of all the songs from the show, but there is nothing out there! This post is all I have so far. If you recognize any of the songs in the show, please list them on imdb, wiki or here:D

  32. demoneyesbattosai

    hey there people, does anyont know the name os the song played when Anne drives up the parking lot structure in episode one. I know it and yet i can't remember the name of it. And does anybody know of a good site to find these songs played in all of the episodes. I tried using but they only have a few songs from the first three episodes. Thanks.