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Tonight I decided to start blogging about music on "the hip" aka trajiklyhip. For years I've focused almost 100% on blogging about technology and my experience therein. That's fine, and I'm certainly not giving it up, but I've decided to also blog a bit about some personal stuff that I really enjoy. To start off I'm going to blog about new music I'm listening to or have recently discovered.

Music is one of the largest parts of my life. It occupies a significant amount of my daily routine whether it's listening to a new album while commuting, sharing a rare gem with my wife, or enjoying music with friends at work. It's no coincidence music is used to evoke an abundance of emotions on TV and film. It can be the simplest head-bobbing track or a complicated piece of art.

So, starting today I'm going to share some tracks and full albums that you'll find prominent on my iPod, laptop, and stereo. I'm also hoping to drag out the TrajiklyHip Flash MP3 player, rewrite it in Flash 8 or Flex and use it to share some tunes. It's a bit tedious to keep it frequently updated right now so a rewrite is in order.

Stay tuned.

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