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I'm a pretty big fan of podcasts. They're almost a staple of my daily commuting entertainment. For some odd reason I have not attempted to find some of the podcasts I listen to on iTunes; until today. While looking up podcasts on ColdFusion I found both The ColdFusion Podcast and ColdFusion Weekly. If you're in to podcasts and you haven't checked these out I recommend doing so. If you haven't listened to a podcast yet why not give it a try now?

The ColdFusion Podcast (iTunes Link)

ColdFusion Weekly (iTunes Link)

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2 Responses to ColdFusion Podcasts on iTunes

  1. Phillip Senn

    Don't forget Helms and Peters Out Loud.
    Also, I used to listen to The ColdFusion Muse, but for some reason don't get them any longer.

  2. Absolutely. Hal and Jeremy's podcast is not listed on iTunes but can be found at this URL: