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I apologize to anyone who tried to reach my site yesterday. My hosting provider, HostMySite, experienced a major outage when construction work severed a main fiber channel. From about 7:00am CST through 9:00pm CST yesterday my entire site was unavailable. Information pertaining to the outage including photos of the construction damage can be viewed here. At the bottom of that page (assuming it's still there when you view this post) is a testimonial from one of HostMySite's customers who was on the scene checking out the damage. He mentions how Lou, one of HostMySite's owners, was handing out water to the repair crews, encouraging their efforts, and simply making sure things were progressing. Having met Lou at CFUnited nearly 2 months ago, I am not surprised at all to hear this.

Problems can occur with any hosting facility and often they do. HostMySite distinguishes themselves from other providers by keeping customers constantly updated and ensured the problem, whatever it is, will be resolved as soon as humanly possible. Some people might view yesterday's events as a reason to move to another provider. For me, it solidifies why I moved to HostMySite in the first place.

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