CFUnited's day three keynote was given by Vince Bonfanti, President and co-founder of New Atlanta Communications, LLC. Vince spent about half the time giving a high-level overview of BlueDragon and it's pre-history and the rest of the time talking about BlueDragon 7 and the new features contained therein. What follows is my perspective on the new features of BlueDragon 7 based on Vince's presentation and my talks with Josh Adams, Technical Sales Engineer for New Atlanta.

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6 Responses to BlueDragon 7's New Features: A Detailed Look

  1. Vince Bonfanti

    Hi Aaron,

    Threads created using CFTHREAD *do* run within their own thread pool, separate from the request threads; sorry this wasn't made clear. Also, we weren't able to cover all the CFTHREAD features in detail due to time constraints, so another item not discussed is the ability to set thread priorities, which is also implemented by CFTHREAD.


  2. Vince, thanks for the clarification. I'm glad to hear there is a separate thread pool for CFTHREAD's. Are you able to talk about the management of this thread pool - specifically, if developers will be able to manage it via an admin like with CFMX 7?

  3. Vince Bonfanti

    Yes, it's possible to manage threads created via CFTHREAD both programatically and from the admin console. For example, the GetAllThreads() function will return an array of all threads created via CFTHREAD. The ThreadRunningTime() function will tell you how long a single thread has been running, and the ThreadStop() method will allow you to kill a thread.


  4. Awesome, thanks Vince.

  5. Adam Cameron

    I have to say that the more I read about BD and the direction it's going, the more I think it's going more the direction I want a CFML server to go than CF is.

    I've got a major architectural / direction decision coming up soon, and reading stuff like this, as well as the word from my colleagues re comparing CF to BD (performance, useful features, accessibility of the New Atlanta BD team cf the Adobe CF team), and I think the scales might be swinging towards BD at present.

    And I never thought I'd say that.


  6. Adam, I'm glad to hear you are looking into whether BD is a fit for your work and needs. That's exactly the sentiment Vince has conveyed in recent blog posts and I tried to do the same with this one. I hope you found some useful insights here.