Web Site Requires Reboot?

Posted by Aaron West at 11:42 PM in General, Mobile & Devices

I recently purchased a new Treo 700p and since I no longer need the Motorola Razr I'm sending it to my brother. Tonight I jumped on the UPS Store Web site to track the package and I received the following system maintenance message:

Huh? Your tracking system is offline so I either need to close my browser OR reboot my computer? LOL. C'mon UPS. Surely you can create better, more informative maintenance messages than that.

Nevertheless, I had a good laugh.

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3 Responses to Web Site Requires Reboot?

  1. Emmet

    700p. bah! who would buy that trash?!

  2. Emmet

    woops... I forgot to add the ;)

    On a more serious note. What carrier are you on? Mine is on sprint and so far the EVDO has been pretty good. Even when I'm off EVDO its still a very tolerable experience. Theres a couple workaround hacks for using it as an EVDO bluetooth modem for your laptop. All the carriers seem to want to charge extra for this service. If you dont figure it out on Google, give me a shout.

    And since I'm posting. Are doing the MAX thing this year?

  3. I'm on Verizon who also have the EV-DO ("Broadband Access") network. I haven't had the Treo 700p long so I've just begun using the Internet features which I'm paying for "as I go" right now. With my limited use thus far it has been really fast even considering Nashville is a 1XRTT area. I'm hoping they push the EV-DO network here soon.

    As far as MAX goes, no I won't be attending. Mainly because of the "new arrival" around the same time. I'll be very jealous of all those who go.