Adobe Releases Scorpio Feature Early

Posted by Aaron West at 11:07 AM in ColdFusion

I'm a day behind on this, but I wanted to get the information posted and out there before I forget. At CFUnited a few weeks ago, Jason Delmore (the ColdFusion Product Manager) demo'd some cool PDF features that were slated to be released in "Scorpio," the next release of ColdFusion, slated for 2007. The new PDF features center around a new tag <cfpdfform> and include injecting information into PDF's, extracting information out of PDF's and more. Imagine your users filling out a PDF and submitting it to a CF server where you programmatically extract the information and update a database. Pretty cool stuff.

If you want more information on this, check out Ben Forta's blog post on the subject.

Or, head on over to the LiveCycle Developer Center and download the bits.

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