I've blogged several times about my hosting experience with HostMySite, they're just that good. Now, I must mention them again. On Thursday night, the last night of CFUnited, HostMySite set up a virtual golf game whereby players held a very short club and swung over a tee box that detected your angle and speed. Each player was given ten shots to see how close to the pin they could get. HostMySite awared an XBox 360 to the player who was closest to the pin (I lost by 1 yard). Then, the 4 players with the lowest scores were awarded various prizes. I had the lowest score so I got first pick of the loot. I close the Sony Playstation Portable. Before flying out of D.C. on Saturday I picked up my first game (Tiger Woods 2006) and was able to make my flights go by faster.

Thanks HostMySite!

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  1. kola

    Hey, I saw it on the table but didn't realise you actually won it! Well done. Makes a nice souvenir!