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ColdFusion MX 7.0.2 released, Flex 2 released, Tim Buntel rejoins Adobe and more. Read on...

Michael Smith started off the morning introducing all the various attendees of CFUnited. From sponsors, to speakers, to user group managers, and first time attendees. Michael then went into his presentation discussing software quality. His basic premise was that software quality is defined by how software gets used and whether the users love it and not simply that the technical project was finished and released. But, how do you obtain this "software quality?" Michael's idea of software quality is releasing great, useful software that adheres to standards of accessibility and usability through testing, code reviews and the use of different developer tools like frameworks.

Michael then introduced the keynote speaker for the day Ben Forta.

First and foremost, Ben announced the release of ColdFusion MX 7.0.2! At 12:01am this morning Adobe released this latest updater which is now available for download. Some key points of this updater include: Flex 2 integration, updating Flash Remoting (all versions of CF), a new Flex Data Services adapter (all versions of CF), a new Flex messaging gateway (CF Enterprise only since this uses Event Gateways), and brand new Flex Builder 2 CF extensions. All this in a FREE updater.

Along with the release of CFMX 7.0.2, Adobe has also announced the release of Flex 2! The general Adobe/Macromedia community has been waiting for some time to know what the price of Flex 2 Builder would be. Adobe/Macromedia promised many months ago that the price point would be under a thousand bucks. Well, they've delivered on that promise pricing Flex 2 Builder at a very reachable $499. The Flex 2 SDK remains FREE. Using the SDK you can write mxml and ActionScript and the run the compiler to convert everything to Flash. This model does allow the app to make HTTP calls to CF, Flash Remoting, etc. The other deployment model is building applications served via Flex Data Services server functionality (mxml). This method provides additional capabilities and functionality (as usual). Ben also discussed the new Flex Data Services Express which is FREE. Under this model you cannot do any clustering and you are limited to a single CPU.

One other cool thing Ben talked about was the ability of Flex to synchronize data requests to prevent multiple writes fighting for the "last update wins" scenario. Instead of CF asking for data, CF asks Flex Data Services to ask for the data. So, Flex keeps up with all the data requests and writes and sychronizes them accordingly. Very cool.

Ben then gave the mic to the new ColdFusion Product Manager at Adobe (replacing Tim Buntel), Jason Delmore. Jason demo'd some new features of ColdFusion MX 8 (codenamed "Scorpio") like a new CFPDFFORM tag and this new thing called CFPresentation that allows you to build complex presentations in real-time, and do all sorts of things with reporting. There's more to come on this stuff for sure.

Next, Tim Buntel was literally dragged into the room and given a new Adobe shirt to wear. It turns out, that Adobe has brought Tim Buntel back under a new position titled Product Marketing Manager for ColdFusion. His new role is to drive the marketing effort of ColdFusion into the future. This rocks, cause Tim is an incredible asset to Adobe, an amazing, dynamic speaker, and a true leader in the CF industry and community. Tim gave a quick preso discussing his and Adobe's idea on the roadmap of ColdFusion for the future. This included basic information on selling the product, demoing the product and having training and creating the best feature-set possible.

It was a pretty cool keynote session, with a lot of good information.

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