Ray's preso to our UG tonight went very very well (thanks Ray!). For once, the Breeze audio (VoIP) sounded as near perfect as I've ever heard it. I don't know if this was due to Ray's mic or what. Anyhow, the recorded Breeze presentation is available here:

Ignore the boisterous laughing at the very beginning of the preso. ;-) In addition to the Breeze URL above, I will be posting Ray's example code and presentation to the archives section of the UG Web site (as soon as I receive the material).

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4 Responses to Ray Camden's Model-Glue Breeze Recording

  1. nick tong

    It's asking for a username and password?

  2. Nick, sorry for that, I had a setting wrong. It's working now.

  3. nick tong

    Thanks Aaron, probably not the place to ask and i should stop being lazy and look at the breeze site but it there anyway to watch this off-line?


  4. Sorry Nick, you must be online to watch the Breezo.