There have been many changes recently as a result of Adobe acquiring Macromedia. The Web site is no more and the Adobe site has been completely redone. The Web forums have been moved as well as other community resources like the Team Macromedia (now Adobe Community Experts). With all this change you are bound to have an opinion on what's working and what isn't. Well, you can submit your praises, gripes, complaints, sentiments (and more) via the following Adobe Feedback Form.

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  1. Jim

    Looking at the forms - none of the Macromedia products are listed?! :(

  2. Sure they are. If you want to submit a product feature request you'll want to select the "Product feature requests" link, which will take you to a form where you can select the product you want to submit a feature request for. If you need to submit a product bug, there is a similar form accessible from the "Report a bug" link. Both of these links are available from the URL posted in this blog entry. Hope that helps!