We've all known it was in the works and now, after several months of being officially "Adobe" the macromedia.com site has been laid to rest. The integration of the adobe.com and macromedia.com domains has now taken place with the new site taking on an all too familiar landscape. Check it out:


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3 Responses to Goodbye Macromedia.com, Hello Adobe.com!

  1. caseyc

    Hmm, macromedia.com is still the same when I look at it here...

  2. Probably just a DNS propagation issue at this point. Flush your DNS and give it another whirl. Macromedia.com redirects to Adobe.com with the new look.

  3. Andy Matthews

    Thank GOD. Now hopefully Adobe will redesign their user forums which are currently the most useless user forums that have ever existed.

    Adobe, have you ever heard of vBulletin?