A Lesson in Productivity

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Who among us does not have the desire to be more productive when it comes to spending time on a computer? Whether it's sifting through hundreds of e-mail, managing several to-do lists, or finding that obscure MP3 among thousands, it is a constant challenge to stay productive when working on my mac. Many times I find myself drifting from task to task without completing anything. Sometimes an e-mail will spawn something that I need to do, other times, I make my own lists of things that need to be done. Examples include updates to my Web site, tutorials that I want to write, e-mail that needs a response, and Adobe user group related tasks. All these items come together, at times halting my productivity, because I'm doing a poor job managing things. I equate juggling all these tasks to the term "DLL Hell" as it relates to the Linux platorm. Let me explain. When you install software on Linux, you often realize you're missing an important component (or DLL) that is required in order to get the software to run. So, you venture off to find that DLL or software piece only to discover that it too has a dependency you're missing. It doesn't take long to get lost in "DLL Hell," searching for all the necessary components. Sometimes this same thing happens to my task list. I start one task only to discover another and another.

So, I decided to combat the confusion and discover better ways to use my mac ultimately breaking bad habits and adopting good ones. What follows are changes I've made that have made the difference.

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