Yesterday, Adobe released the Flex Ajax Bridge (FABridge) on FABridge is essentially a library of code that can be inserted into any application built on the Flash Platform. This includes Flex applications and components, and vanilla Flash movies (SWF's). What FABridge does is provide a mechanism for exposing your ActionScript Objects and Classes to JavaScript without writing your own code to do so.

FABridge can be used to integrate Flex applications that use Ajax by allowing you to script your application in JavaScript instead of ActionScript. The inverse of this scenario also holds true if using FABridge. This type of Flash/JavaScript integration is already possible natively in Flash using the built-in ExternalInterface class. However, there are limitations with this ActionScript class that FABridge seems to get around (like exposing user-defined classes). So, if you are doing Flex development of any Flash/JavaScript integration you may want to check out this new set of API's.

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