CFMX7 Secure Login Tutorial

Posted by Aaron West at 8:40 PM in ColdFusion

Over the last few days I worked on a brand new ColdFusion Secure Login tutorial and I've now uploaded it to the site. This tutorial builds on the foundations created in my CFMX6 Secure Login Tutorial while covering new topics and features included in ColdFusion MX 7. You'll learn about ColdFusion's Application Framework (Application.cfc), how to secure ColdFusion templates against unauthorized viewing, how to track sessions application-wide, how to issue "smart redirects" during user login, and much more. The tutorial includes downloadable source code (full of comments) and database scripts for getting the sample application running with MySQL or SQL Server. I'd like to thank Mark Walsh, one of my readers, for requesting this tutorial be created.

You can view the tutorial in the tutorials section.

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  1. Rich Rein

    Any chance of a one page, printable version of a given tutorial, or is that already available?

  2. Rich, I don't currently have a format like that available but I certainly see the usefulness of it. While a pain, I suppose you could copy/paste the pages into one document and print that.