Moving Music From Your iPod to Your Mac

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A reader e-mailed me this weekend and asked:

Aaron - I had to reboot my iBook G4 and (its a long story) but I cannot find my iTunes Library - thus I want to export the files on my iPod back to my computer and also if possible do the same on my MacBook Pro. Do you have simple instructions - I am not a hacker.

While I am not sure whether the hacker statement was backup for needing simple instructions or more of a ploy to illicit a response from me, the question is a valid one. If your mac were to crash causing you to lose all of your valuable digital music you could potentially spend hours getting it all back. Of course, the obvious thing to do is to make regular backups of your important files so in times of crisis you can quickly get your computer back to a previous state. However, if you lose your digital music and you have an iPod there is a mechanism for getting your data off of your iPod and back onto your computer. To find out how, check out the following link on the Playlist magazine Web site:

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