Server Downage

Posted by Aaron West at 10:06 PM in General

I've built a relatively robust exception handling system that runs on this site (and elsewhere). When ColdFusion exceptions occur I am notified via e-mail and appropriate logs are stored.

This afternoon I received a flood of exception e-mails between 3:22pm CST and 3:23pm CST. After speaking with the support team at HostMySite, my suspicions of a server downage were confirmed - the MySQL server that I have the database running on went down. During that time, every call to my RSS feeds from news readers and every hit to my blog in general generated errors. It looks as if most of the hits came from news readers but if anyone happened to be reading the blog during the downage I apologize.

The HostMySite support team identified the problem quickly and got things back up in a matter of minutes. I've expressed this before, but I am very happy with HostMySite and I highly recommend their hosting services! If you are looking for good hosting (especially Linux CF hosting) check them out!

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