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With the iTunes Music Store selling it's 1 billionth song a few days ago (incidentally, the guy purchasing the milestone song made out like a bandit) no one can argue the face of music (and music purchases) has changed dramatically. I use the music store quite frequently and really enjoy how it has changed the way I listen to music. However, previewing albums on iTunes is not the seamless experience I'd like it to be. To solve this problem, I wrote a simple AppleScript that allows me to listen to an entire iTunes album (or any track list showing) without having to play each track individually. For instance, instead of double-clicking the next track (or pressing the right arrow key) as the current track approaches its 30-second end, I sit back, relax and listen to each track stream to my computer without my intervention. Of course, you could also read e-mail, your favorite blog, or whatever.

After sharing the script with a few friends I figured more of the general Web could benefit from it as well. NOTE: This is an AppleScript that requires Apple OS X. After downloading the script just drop it in your /Users/your-user-name/Library/iTunes/Scripts folder. Then, load up the iTunes music store and one-click the first track of an album (to highlight it). Next, use the iTunes script menu and select "MusicStoreAutoPlay" to begin playing that albums tracks.

Click here to download.

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9 Responses to iTunes Music Store Auto Play

  1. martin

    many thanks - finally I found your genoius AppleScript to solve the annoying interruption problem at iTunes store.

  2. thankyou ever so much for that!

  3. Ben Morrison

    Thanks Aaron... I download this to every mac I use :)

  4. Ben Morrison

    ...and it may not work on Leopard. At least it's not for me right now :)

  5. I have not tried the script on Leopard, so if it doesn't work I wouldn't be surprised. I just ordered a new MacBook Pro (with Leopard) and will see if I can get it working on the new OS.

    I do remember having trouble getting the script to work when I upgraded to Tiger. If I remember correctly, the "scripts" directory for iTunes changed between Panther and Tiger. Once I found the right location, all was good.

    I have the script stored here:
    [Macintosh HD]/Library/iTunes/Scripts/

  6. Tyler

    Is there any way i can get this for Windows Vista?? Ive searched
    and searched and this is the closest I have found. But you
    said it would only work on Apple OS X. Which I don't have

    Please help!

  7. @Tyler - The code is specific to the Mac operating system in that it is written in AppleScript. So, it won't work on Windows. I'm not surprised you can't find this type of thing on Windows. I wasn't able to find anything like it for the Mac which is why I wrote the code myself. I love it!!

    Going back to a few previous posts, I wanted to let folks know that the script works great for me on Leopard, even with all the new versions of iTunes have that been released since I create the AppleScript.

  8. Tyler

    Oh ok. I take it you don't do any programming in windows?
    If not, do you know anyone who could do what you did, but for
    windows vista?

  9. @Tyler - Unfortunately, I don't do any Windows-specific programming and I don't know anyone who does. If you find something like my script that works on Windows I'd love to hear about it. Post back here if you think about it.