Jesse Warden's presentation at the Nashville ColdFusion User Group went extremely well. Jesse did an amazing job presenting on all things Flex 2 including ActionScript 3, Flex Builder 2, the Flex Framework and more. We recorded the Breeze presentation (see the link below). Audio was a bit choppy during the first half of the preso, but it got much better thereafter.

Recorded Breeze Presentation:

NCFUG Meeting Archive:

Huge thanks to Jesse for taking time to come visit us - we had a ton of fun!

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2 Responses to NCFUG Breeze Recording - Jesse Warden on Flex 2

  1. Michael White

    I'm waiting for the first time a Breeze presentation actually works right. The sound is usually the problem like this presentation. it was very difficult to listen to.

  2. I agree Michael. I got up this morning and listened to the recording to see how it was. It took a bit of concentration to get through the first half but once the audio got better it was okay. I was thinking the problem was with the mic I had Jesse use, but since the audio did get better it must've been something else (like mic position relative to Jesse's mouth) etc.

    Thanks for giving it a listen.