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Posted by Aaron West at 9:21 PM in Programming, Personal

With the iTunes Music Store selling it's 1 billionth song a few days ago (incidentally, the guy purchasing the milestone song made out like a bandit) no one can argue the face of music (and music purchases) has changed dramatically. I use the music store quite frequently and really enjoy how it has changed the way I listen to music. However, previewing albums on iTunes is not the seamless experience I'd like it to be. To solve this problem, I wrote a simple AppleScript that allows me to listen to an entire iTunes album (or any track list showing) without having to play each track individually. For instance, instead of double-clicking the next track (or pressing the right arrow key) as the current track approaches its 30-second end, I sit back, relax and listen to each track stream to my computer without my intervention. Of course, you could also read e-mail, your favorite blog, or whatever.

After sharing the script with a few friends I figured more of the general Web could benefit from it as well. NOTE: This is an AppleScript that requires Apple OS X. After downloading the script just drop it in your /Users/your-user-name/Library/iTunes/Scripts folder. Then, load up the iTunes music store and one-click the first track of an album (to highlight it). Next, use the iTunes script menu and select "MusicStoreAutoPlay" to begin playing that albums tracks.

Click here to download.


Jesse Warden's presentation at the Nashville ColdFusion User Group went extremely well. Jesse did an amazing job presenting on all things Flex 2 including ActionScript 3, Flex Builder 2, the Flex Framework and more. We recorded the Breeze presentation (see the link below). Audio was a bit choppy during the first half of the preso, but it got much better thereafter.

Recorded Breeze Presentation:

NCFUG Meeting Archive:

Huge thanks to Jesse for taking time to come visit us - we had a ton of fun!