The Nashville ColdFusion User Group will be meeting this week (Thursday Feb 23, 6:30pm CST) for a special presentation by Jesse Warden, one of the most respected Flash and Flex developers in the Adobe and Web community. Jesse will be speaking in-person AND via Breeze on the upcoming release of Flex 2 including Flex Builder 2, ActionScript 3, Flash Player 8.5, and the Flex 2 Framework.

The Nashville ColdFusion User Group encourages in-person participating but will be broadcasting Jesse's presentation via Breeze. To register for the Breeze presentation (limited availability) please send an e-mail to rsvp@ncfug.com and include your name and the text "Will attend via Breeze."

Full details of the meeting can be viewed on the NCFUG Web site located here.

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  1. J.J. Merrick

    wow, when did you start showing up on MXNA? Move'n on up are we? :-)


  2. Heh.. MXNA has been aggregating the blog for about two months now. I've just been too lazy to put up the "aggregated by" logo until this weekend.

  3. J.J. Merrick

    Yeah I actually saw it while browsing the MXNA RSS... I was like "Hey! I know that guy :-)"