Just One of 20 Million

Posted by Aaron West at 11:11 PM in ColdFusion

I received an e-mail today from a user group member letting me know my site has been classified by Websense. Apparently, my blog entry about Ashwin Mathews Server Monitoring ColdFusion presentation was categorized as "MP3 and Audio Download Services." It's apparent now more than ever that I'm just one of 20 million identities in the Websense master database.

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2 Responses to Just One of 20 Million

  1. That is amazing. Do they offer any dispute procedure?

  2. steve

    You can post a request for recharacterization at

    Select 'Other' from the list, and put in your comments. It should actually
    be characterized in their blog category, not the Audio category (which
    some companies might instantly block due to bandwidth considerations).