There are thousands of OS X apps out there, some of which you may not know about (for obvious reasons). For Apple's list of "10 OS X apps may not know about but should," check out this link. Of the 10 apps they list, I'm particularly fond of Paparazzi, a nifty screenshot application that can capture an entire scrolling Web page. Power Internet users - those with dozens of Internet accounts - will appreciate the power and convenience of Wallet, a tool that keeps track of all your Web site passwords and personal information in a secure, 448-bit encryption black box.

There are several apps not found on Apple's list that I personally could not live without. For that list, read on.

A free instant messaging application that supports AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, and more.

LaunchBar is a productivity utility giving Mac users an easy and efficient way to search your computer and the Web.

Blog syndication is one of the greatest things in my opinion to come to the Web. NetNewsWire, a blog aggregator, that runs on the Mac, comes in a free and a paid version. I find the paid version of NetNewsWire suits my needs and I have it running anytime my Mac is on.

The OmniGroup defines OmniOutliner as "an amazingly flexible program for creating, collecting, and organizing information. I couldn't agree more. I use OmniOutliner to plan projects, organize ideas, manage personal and work to-do lists and more. Just like NetNewsWire, OmniOutliner runs full-time on my Mac.

Simply put, the best FTP client out there for the Mac. Yes there are free solutions, but none that can match TransmitFTP feature-for-feature.

If you haven't heard of Skype I'll be surprised. Skype is an amazingly high-quality VoIP client for most all platforms. I've used Skype to discuss projects with developers in Europe, to chat with friends, and to answer questions about ColdFusion. More recently I began using Skype to coordinate with one of my developers who is temporarily living and working in Taiwan.

TextWrangler can function as a simple text editor but it really shows its power when you need to manipulate text. You can perform simple search and replace functions or more complex regular expression searching.

OmniPlan, in Release Candidate (RC) as of this posting, is an easy to use, easy to understand Project Management app from the great folks at OmniGroup. I have only a limited experience with OmniPlan as it is still pretty new. However, I find OmniPlan light years easier to use than other PM packages like Microsoft's Project.

Wrapping up, if you want more detailed information on OmniOutliner or LaunchBar, or you are interested in productivity techniques you can use every day, I'd recommend checking out my article on this topic. You can find it here (

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