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Reading through Macworld yesterday I discovered a cool Web site geared towards music lovers and Mac users. combines social networking features like friends and neighbors lists with music charts surrounding the artists, albums, and tracks you listen to. How does it work? You download one of's Mac applications that connect your iTunes library to the servers. As you listen to music the apps submit track data to your profile on its Web site. The site keeps track of all the music data submitted from its users and records the information in various charts throughout the site. You can browse your own music charts by artist, album, and track to get an idea of your listening habits overall or by week or month. Want to allow others to see what you are listening to? No problem, you can publish your own charts on your blog or Web site (see the new pod I've added on my blog to the right).

Not only can you peruse your own listening charts you can view the charts of your friends, neighbors, and other users. This is a fantastic way to discover new music from people who have the same taste as you. also allows you to stream any music stored in its database. As you browse your friends and neighbors music just click on the appropriate links to stream tracks to your browser. Listening to others music also adds the tracks to your own charts so you can find them later.

I'm just getting started using, but so far it's very cool. If you join the site feel free to add me as a friend ( Happy listening!

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