MXNA Spam Bug

Posted by Aaron West at 1:59 PM in ColdFusion, Flex, Flash

Within the last half hour I noticed ALL my ColdFusion, Flex, and Flash blog posts have shown up on MXNA in one big heap. Apparently this is a known issue with MXNA and this makes sense considering my blog does not push data to MXNA. Rather, MXNA pulls data from my blog via RSS syndication. So, something must've gotten reset on the MXNA aggregator making it think all my posts were brand new.

It seriously sucks and while I couldn't have prevented it I apologize for the friggin headache I know it has caused all the MXNA readers. Considering the impact of this bug I hope someone at MXNA takes a look at this and gets things resolved.

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  1. This problem has been around for a while, but it seems to happen with increasingly frequent regularity recently. The only time it really gets me is when I spend a couple hours on an intricate blog post only to have it shoved back several pages on MXNA within a couple minutes by this bug.

  2. Yea Brian, it totally sucks for the reason you mentioned and a host of others. I've seen some really weird stuff with MXNA, and I think I've seen this thing occur in the past, but it wasn't really as apparent until today.

    Looking through the MXNA Web site it appears that only a few of my most recent posts were pulled and not the hundreds I have on my blog. Of course, several of them were pulled multiple times which makes it look even worse. Insane.

  3. Macromedia XML News Aggregator ( MXNA ) is no longer what it used to be. Lately there have been lots of changes in the way some may think that weblogs are going down. We can start from the positioning and results for searches, in the past we could find lots ( and I really mean lots ) of useful info throught MXNA, now all those pages are no longer on those nice positions. It will become more difficult for the beginners to find the resources they need in this way. I think their "mother" company is not helping them add more importance to this project. I mean, imagine you were a beginner, how would you view this page if you were able to find anything you need by just searching on one of the many SE available out there ?

    Anyway, my coleague Alexander is writing a nice article about this whole thing that is happening. I do hope you will find the article interesting. I think it should be published about next year at the end of January. Till then waiting to see more of your work.

    Kind regards,