Google has announced a new GMail service allowing you to access your GMail account from your mobile phone. GMail has always been available via the Web and even available as a POP3 service if you configure your account for it. Google's announcement adds GMail connectivity to your mobile phone via a small downloadable Java (J2ME) application. The interface is the same familar GMail interface you are used to and your mail account stays synchronized whether you use GMail's Web-based interface or your mobile phone. Viewing attachments is also supported. For more information on this new service check out this link. Or, to see if your mobile phone is supported consult this list.

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3 Responses to Google Launches New GMail Mobile Service

  1. HuLsH

    I have tried the Gmail app and it looks cool, it has the great old Google look and its fast but I had some problems on my V800. I get a "certificate not valid" error.
    I dont know if it is worth changing it with my good old app Movamail

  2. John

    Great tip! I downloaded Movamail to my SE750. Installed no problem and I am using my Gmail and POP with it. Easy to use, super fast and simple to navigate. I think I may put off that Blackberry purchase for a couple more years! :)

  3. LondonCalling

    I gave MovaMail a try and it is excellent! I have noticed that they have just beta released their mobile instant messaging application called MovaMessenger. It can be found at