Artist Creates Self-Portrait Using Crayons

Posted by Aaron West at 10:46 PM in General

I saw this on Digg and had to check it out. An artist created a self-portrait of himself using crayons. The crayons were not used to draw his likeness, but were placed with the tip pointing up so the color of all the crayons when viewed as a whole represent his face. There looks to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 crayons used to create this unique work of art. The artist has a few close up photographs of the piece which are, to me, the most interesting.

Check it out here (

19 Is Hiring - Lots!

Posted by Aaron West at 9:58 AM in Music, ColdFusion, Jobs, Programming

I recently blogged about my affinity for While browsing around the site this morning I noticed they are looking for a Java developer to work on the back-end, a PHP developer to work on the actual Web site, and a graphic designer to work on the site. They're also seeking a smart C++ developer who will be responsible for working on their client tools. You can check out the job postings here ( Now, if we could just get them to power the site with ColdFusion!