Rob Thomas' Streetcorner Symphony

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Anyone reading the Music category of this blog knows I'm a big fan of music and how it's used in television and movies. A few weeks ago all the major television networks ran primetime ads showcasing cuts from their season premiers. One in particular caught my attention - ABC's. The ad showed scenes from several of ABC's shows including the already popular Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives, and brand new shows like Six Degrees, and The Nine. What caught my attention however was the music chosen for the ad. The song was upbeat, catchy, and made me want to get up and dance. And considering I don't dance - at all - that's saying something.

I immediately began looking for the song and was surprised to see the artist was Rob Thomas. With Matchbox Twenty Thomas had some huge hits like 3 AM, Unwell, and Push, but his solo work has yet to compell me to lay down any cash. I'm still not hip on his solo work, but his track used in the ABC promo - Streetcorner Symphony - is definitely worth the $1 in the iTunes Store.

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  1. momowilly

    You should pick up the album! It's quite an eclectic mix of sounds and it works for him. Rob Thomas is a wonderful and very talented musician. :)

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I previewed the album in iTunes and wasn't very impressed. Granted, 30 seconds of a track is not enough to get a full idea of the album, it also wasn't enough to convince to buy it.