Switchfoot has released their latest single Dirty Second Hands and after a few listens I'm really disappointed. I've bought Switchfoots last two albums Nothing Is Sound and The Beautiful Letdown. The Beautiful Letdown was an absolutely fantastic album where every track had it's own uniqueness and sound. Following that album, Nothing Is Sound was released. It had some good songs like Stars but I found I wasn't really listening to the album much at all. Dirty Second Hands seems unpolished, almost like they wrote a few songs and stitched them together to form one track. It just seems chaotic with no real musical balance. I do like the guitar riff at the beginning which is also interspersed throughout the entire song. Check it out for yourself and see if you like it.

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2 Responses to New Single: Switchfoot - Dirty Second Hands

  1. sarah

    Switchfoot rocks! There music is diverse, not just stitched together. There music actually means something. And this song really shows off how creative they can be. Jerome on the percussion is amazing and Chad rocks on the drums along with Tim and Jon and Drew on their guitars! There is so much going on, but thats what makes it so interesting and watching them perform it live is even better.

  2. Emily

    ya...theres actually sites on the internet explaining all the songs like the meaning of them and everything....stitched...no way!! I love this album and I love dirty second hands...I think my fav album is nothing is sound...but I still love this one!