Firefox 2.0 - RC3 at the time this was written - has been released and is available for download. There's some scuttlebutt about whether Mozilla meant to offer up the new version or whether it was leaked. Regardless, the new version is here and offers several new features and enhancements over Firefox 1.5. For a quick list of what I think the most important enhancements are, read on!

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2 Responses to Firefox 2.0 - What's In It For You?

  1. Tracy

    I have been reading your blogs for a month. Ever since you started your music blog. That would be the common element in what you write about. I read you recent blog about IE 7 vs Firefox. I am a hapless hopeless neophite in your world, but please explain the danger of IE 7, I did download it and have popup problems ever since. I do like the tab browsing and the few features I can figure out. Tell me why Firefox over IE 7?

  2. Hi Tracy, thanks for reading the blog. I realize most of my content is technology related, but if you are only interested in certain categories (like Music) you can subscribe to a specific one using an RSS reader. That said, I personally choose Firefox over IE for several different reasons. When you tally up the "ins and outs" of both browsers Firefox comes out ahead. What I don't particularly like about IE include the following... 1. It is heavily tied to your Windows computer. Once installed you cannot remove it. On the same token, once you upgrade to IE 7 you cannot downgrade to IE 6. 2. Most of the problems I've had with Web browsers not rendering Web pages correctly have been with IE. I find myself having to make little custom changes to code in order to make pages look correct in IE. That's just a pain and it happens because Microsoft veers from a standard way of doing things. A 3rd biggie is the plethora of security holes in IE. Microsoft is continually issuing patches for holes in the software many of which could cause someone to gain control of your PC or compromise personal information.

    Those are the general reasons why I don't like IE (any version). I like Firefox because it is standards-compliant, fast, secure, extensible, and comes with built-in features (like tabbed browsing) that make browsing the Internet easy and effective.

    Point for point Firefox is just a better browser and with the features of Firefox 2.0 there's not really a comparison between it and IE.