Next week, on October 26 at 6:30pm CST, Stephen "Cutter" Blades will be presenting to the Nashville ColdFusion User Group on Model-Glue Unity. We are currently planning on broadcasting this preso via Breeze. If you are interested in participating you can view more of the preso agenda at the NCFUG Web site. All attendees (whether in person or via Breeze) must RSVP - instructions are on the Web site.

As with any Breeze presentation there is the potential for audio problems. If any occur we will do our best to address them but we will not halt the presentation to troubleshoot issues. Broadcasting the preso via Breeze is a community service offered by the Nashville ColdFusion User Group while the in-person portion of the meeting is the main focus of the evening. Please keep this in mind if you are attending via Breeze.

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