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The Blackstone presentation I gave last week at the Nashville ColdFusion User's Group went really well. Everything I spoke about was well received with the output of PDF and FlashPaper being the second favorite new feature in Blackstone. What was the most favorite? Not surprisingly, Event Gateways. I did a quick demo showcasing the asynchronous gateway that will ship with Blackstone by copying a text file 100 times and writing it to disk. The first template I used copied the file synchronously using CFLOOP. On my system (Powerbook G4, JRun4, J2EE version of Blackstone) the synchronous copy took about 22 seconds. Next, I ran a template that utilized the asynchronous CFML gateway which pushed all the work off to a CFC. The copy took less than 2 seconds. I'll leave you to the math, but that is a HUGE improvement. One note, the code I used to showcase the async event gateway was taken from Damon Cooper's blog and modified a bit.

I've made my presentation slides available in two formats, PDF and FlashPaper (thanks to Calvin Ward who graciously generated the FlashPaper version for me - since FlashPaper doesn't run on a Mac). You can view/download the slides here: http://www.aaronwest.net/blog/page.cfm/presentations/2005.

Lastly, I'm slated to speak at the New Orleans Macromedia User Group in a few months. I'll post more info on that as Adam Bell (NOMMUG Manager) and I finalize things.

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