The 5th Generation iPod Becomes My Fourth

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This weekend, my wife and I went to check out the new Apple store here in Nashville. It's the first official Apple store to come to Nashville and I've been waiting on an opportunity to pay them a visit. I'm not sure if I was expecting a lot pizzazz but I was pretty disappointed in the look (and stock) of the store. I had imagined tons of Mac hardware would be on display including the basic set up of audio and video editing stations. There were a few Powerbook's and iBooks available to play with as well as a few iMacs with music keyboards but that was about it. Available in hordes were the iPod Nano's and iPod Video's. Every single computer in the place was outfitted with an iPod and there were a fair amount of iPod cases and portable speaker sets on sale as well.

Before leaving the Apple store I picked up a new 30GB iPod Video, the fourth iPod to make its way into my home. The other iPod's I have all work fine, but I just couldn't resist the svelte look and new features available in the latest generation iPod. I'm really digging the bright/clear color screen and the addition of viewable album art is very nice. I also think the new video features are pretty cool, but let's be honest, the tiny screen isn't the easiest thing to watch over extended periods of time. Nevertheless, catching up on your favorite TV shows during a commute or sharing those vacation pictures with a co-worker extend the usefulness of the iPod far beyond the closest competitor.

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